Codifferous is a code review tool for busy developers.

We make effective code review fast and painless.
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Codifferous is awesome
  1. always know exactly what’s been reviewed Screenshot-zoom-1
  1. You want faster code review? You got it!

    You'll be up and running in just a few minutes. Once your project's imported from Github or BitBucket, use our keyboard shortcuts to quickly review files and leave comments. Codifferous tracks your progress, so there's no time wasted re-reading code you've already reviewed.

  2. What about features designed for busy teams?

    Making time for code review is difficult for teams that work remotely, or have different schedules. Codifferous makes it easy to review code with your team, no matter where you live or when you're working. Did you miss out on a pull request? No problem. You can review code in any branch, leave comments, and get feedback at any time.

  3. Looking to speed up your code review process?

    Get started for free today! Sign up with your GitHub credentials, or create an account.

How codifferous works...

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    Connect us to your repo

    Sign up with your GitHub credentials, or add Codifferous as a collaborator on GitHub or Bitbucket. We support public and private repos.

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    You review your Code

    Quickly mark lines and files as reviewed, switch between branches, and leave comments for your team.

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    We keep track of changes

    Codifferous tracks the code you've read and makes it easy to see when code changes.

Code review is more than approving pull requests.

Pull requests don't leave room for developers who can't review code before it ships, but still want to read and contribute. That's where Codifferous comes in. Developers use our code review service to identify problematic code, squash bugs in production, and get feedback from their team long after the pull request has closed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

a approve a line of code
r, ! reject a line of code
e remove approval status from line of code
c show the comment/details window for the highighted line
, k move the highlighted line of code, file, or directory up one
, j move the highlighted line of code, file, or directory down one
l center the code view on the currently highlighted line
, enter/return view a file or the contents of a directory
, u go back a level in the code hierarchy
shift+, shift+k expand or contract selected lines by 1 line, moving up
shift+, shift+j expand or contract selected lines by 1 line, moving down
alt+, alt+k move the highlight up 10
alt+, alt+j move the highlight down 10
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